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We're Proud to be A Top Electrician in Kingsford

Randwick Electrical Services is proud to work in the vibrant suburb of Kingsford. If you’re looking for reliable electricians in Kingsford, the Randwick Team is on-call.

Lighting Design and Fixture Upgrades

Looking for help picking out the right lighting upgrades? We’re happy to provide several stylish options to fit any business or residence. You select the fixtures or upgrades, and we’ll do the rest. Every step of the way, we’ll explain our process so you know what to expect from the fixture installation process! Some of our most popular lighting and fixture upgrades include:

  • Recessed lights
  • Pendant and task lighting
  • LED and energy efficient options
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Under-cabinet lights

Update Your Exterior Lighting with your Trusted Electrician in Kingsford

In a high-density suburb like Kingsford, homeowners and renters can feel a little more secure with sophisticated outdoor lighting choices. Experienced advice from the professionals at Randwick Electrical can go a long way before you install or renovate lighting on your patio and garden. We can bring you up-to-date services, including energy saving options.

Renting to Students? We Can Help.

University students aren’t always the most energy conscious people. By making your rental outfitted to be as energy-efficient as possible, you’ll save money in the long-run (especially if utilities are included!) And for the students who do value energy efficiency, they’ll be proud to rent from a landlord who shares those values. Other updates that prepare your building for student occupancy include upgrading your switchboards and data cabling. Luckily, we’re your one-stop electrician in Kingsford for all your rental upgrades.