Switchboard Upgrades

From safety switch installations to complete switchboard modernisation.

Does your switchboard look old? Is it equipped with old ceramic fuses? If so, it is a possible fire risk, or could cause an electric shock in your house. It probably needs replacing. Call us for a Randwick switchboard upgrade free quote

What is an RCD safety switch?

A RCD safety switch is a residual current device safety switch. A life saving device that is designed to cut power to your home to prevent you and your family getting a fatal electric shock, they will also reduce the risk of a fire occurring in your house as an RCD will provide protection any circuit breaker or old fashioned fuse cannot provide.
Upgrading your switchboard is often an overlooked aspect of any home. In many cases leading to faulty and out of date circuit protection (circuit breakers and fuses).
Randwick electrical considers RCD circuit protection to be an essential upgrade for any home with out of date circuit breakers or even worse fuses.
Randwick Electrical are your eastern suburbs RCD and safety switch electricians!